Training or Dog Supply

Time to Consider Zauberberg for Training or Dog Supply?

  • Provides trained dogs to enforcement and security agencies
  • Trains, and retrains, dogs for agencies and handlers
  • Conducts and manages dog and handler training programs for agencies
  • Provides start up services and consulting to agencies beginning a K9 program
  • Provides assistance in securing funding for client agencies
  • Organized European Dog Buying Trip

Do you wish …

  • that you and your patrol dog could deploy time, after time, after time without failure?
  • that while on call you were able to struggle less with your dog, and more with the situation at hand?
  • that the two of you were more like a team, and less like enemies?
  • Police K9 Unit – police dogs for sale Are your ready to try Zauberberg?

If so then, then Zauberberg K9 Academy can help. Dogs trained using our scientifically based methods are dogs that work because they want to work. Zauberberg programs create K9 teams, and not enemies.

All of our programs start with the premise that dogs do things for their own reasons and not for ours. We tap into each dog’s distinctive drives knowing that no two dogs are exactly the same. Then we train for obedience and suspect apprehension based on each dog’s natural drives.

Desired behavior is built and reinforced positively. We don’t like to see a dog “crawl” when he hears a command. And we certainly don’t want a dog to lose reliability when the collar is removed.

Zauberberg dogs work because they want to work. Because they clearly see what is in it for them. Because they like what they are trained to do.

Zauberberg doesn’t stop with training the dog. Zauberberg teaches K9 handlers to be K9 trainers. Experience shows that the most successful teams are headed by trainers who know how to help their Zauberberg K9 partner adjust to new and unforeseen situations. These are the teams that deploy without failure time, after time, after time.

So if you want this kind of success, we can help. Talk to us today about our training programs and seminars. Or if you prefer, we also have detection dogs, fully trained police dogs for sale the Zauberberg way, and coming with our train-the-K9-trainer course, available for sale.

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Here are some of Zauberberg’s exceptional dogs:

  • Bomb detection dogs: indicating the presence of the odors
  • Narcotic detection dogs: (passive or aggressive alert–your choice) indicating the presence of the odors methamphetamine, cocaine, heroin, marijuana
  • Patrol dogs: Trained to your needs and specification, depending on what your state requirements are.
  • Dual purpose: Patrol-narcotics or patrol-explosive dogs
  • Untrained (green dogs): that have the basic drives to be trained as police service dogs (ALWAYS available from us)

Call Now for a No Obligation Inquiry 520-419-2199