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Buying a Police Dog

Buying a Police K9 can be very challenging! The most important thing is that the Police Department ends up with a K9 that promises to serve for a long time and that he was selected and trained to function effectively in the field.

Narcotic Detection Dog

At All Police K9 we are aware of the fact that a dog needs to be reliable as much as an animal can be. Choosing the right temperament and going the extra mile training a narcotic detection dog is our promise.

Patrol Police K9 Dog

Patrol Police K9 dogs should have the capability and training to apprehend a suspect and defend the K9 handler. Things that are often neglected in K9 certification and training are the lack of real scenarios.

Police K9 Handler Course

Training needs to be maintained properly. Therefor our course makes the handler a K9 trainer!

Police K9 Dog Training

At All Police K9 we are aware of the fact that a dog needs to be reliable as much as an animal can be.

Police K9 dogs For Sale

Contact us with any questions about training or purchasing a Police K9 patrol or detection dog.

Explosive Detection Dog

Explosive detection dogs and their training is a major concern in today's security for everybody! Ever since the humongous need arose for bomb detection dogs and their training, number of vendors and companies selling bomb detection dogs and detection training has sky rocketed. Needless to say, as with everything else, you get what you pay for. Companies are at mass production of "trained" explosive detection dogs. Take a closer look if they are really trained or if you are looking at an illusion that is supported by government contracts pumping funds into none performing units? Everybody knows what it takes to train a reliable detection dog team, ...and more importantly, to MAINTAIN a team's performance. It is not as easy as "just popping the ball out of the hole"!